Monday, July 8, 2013

Last One's a Rotten Egg

Grapefruit juice tastes like vomit.  Anyone who disagrees is either lying or hard of tasting.  I drink a glass every morning.  I take it like a shot of tequila to keep it from lingering on my taste buds.  Why would I do such a thing?  I do it because I read an article that said CoQ10 supplements are more easily absorbed by the body when taken with grapefruit juice.  Why do I take CoQ10?  I take it along with a slew of other vitamins and supplements because I’m trying to get pregnant and it isn’t going very well.

It turns out that one in six couples have trouble conceiving.  And guess who the other five are…nearly all of our closest friends.  I mean, come on!  Infertility is defined by an inability to conceive after a year of trying.  We started trying about a year ago.  My husband and I are both 31 years old (30 when we started).  We always took it for granted that we would be able to get pregnant right away, especially if we were INTENTIONALLY TRYING!  I’d heard so many stories about people accidentally becoming pregnant (even while on birth control) I was amazed that hadn’t happened to us.  Society would have us believe that babies just grow in every available uterus like a bountiful crop of weeds!   Liars!  Even when both partners are young and perfectly healthy you only have about a 20 percent chance of conceiving every month. 

Another lie that pisses me off is the one where they tell you’re not getting pregnant because you are not relaxed enough.   As if our predicament is not a result of real medical conditions, but of some mysterious “bad mojo” I am inflicting on myself.   There is no science behind that!  The next person who tells me to “just relax” is getting punched in the nose! 

One more thing…Why us?  I have an acquaintance that got pregnant easily despite her smoking, drinking, doing drugs and eating fast food garbage.   Meanwhile, my husband and I are THE HEALTHIEST WE HAVE EVER BEEN IN OUR LIVES!  Why is this happening? 

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