Friday, July 12, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

It takes so long to get a diagnosis for infertility and some couples never even get one.  When you begin to feel like there’s something wrong it’s usually the woman who gets checked out first.  I went and got the ultrasound to look at my ovaries for cysts and a blood test to look for hormonal imbalances.  Both came back normal.  They told us to keep trying.  They love to tell you to relax and keep trying.  Yeah, that works out great if you actually get pregnant!  If not, it’s just months of regularly scheduled boning and tearing our hair out!  Then it occurred to us that my husband should get his sperm checked.

The results were not good (low count, low motility and low morphology), but at least now we had some answers.   After a feverish bit of googling we learned that supplements and medication can help, but they take an average of 74 days to kick in.  Now we get to sit around waiting for this stuff to work.  Ooh, goodie! 

Even if the supplements and medication work and hubby’s counts increase there is no guarantee that it will fertilize my egg or for that matter, even reach the egg.  I have not yet tested for blocked tubes.  That test (the hysterosalpingogram or HSG) is a nasty one, but it’s probably the next step.  Anything involving a catheter gives me the willies, but at this point I’m willing to suffer every sadistic torture they can dish out.  You want to put me on a crazy diet?  You want to give me medicine that makes me even sadder and incapable of rational though?  You want to put fire ants up my nose?   Whatever, dude.  Bring it on!

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